Reasons You Should Go

If you’re tired of having people over at your place every Sunday afternoon for the big game, or if you’re tired of going over to that one boring guy’s house all the time, maybe it’s time to move the party somewhere else. Hanging out and watching football at the local sports bar might seem like it wouldn’t be as fun, but that’s usually not the case. There are plenty of benefits to watching the game out on the town, and for most people, the negatives aren’t really a big deal.

What’s the best part of Sundays during the NFL season for you? Most people look forward to seeing the games at this time, but they also look forward to the company of their friends while they’re all watching them together. Having a big mess to clean up Sunday night or Monday morning isn’t fun, though, and neither is having to get all of the prep work done so that people have food and entertainment. When you are out at a bar, both of these things are done for you. You don’t have to clean up after yourself and you don’t have to get the food and settings together. That’s the sports bar’s job.

Going somewhere else also creates a nice change of pace. You will meet people that you never would have encountered if you just stayed in your mancave all day. You’re not the only one that needs to get out of the house once in a while, and a lot of these people are pretty fun. Some faces will be the same from week to week and some will be brand new. Either way, you’re going to meet people that you wouldn’t have met any other way. If your point of having friends over on Sundays is to socialize, this takes socialization to the next level. You’ll have all your friends there, but you will make a ton of new friends, too.
Drinking at the game
The most common concern about going out on Sundays instead of staying in is the cost. Going to a sports bar and ordering food and beer for a dozen people is more expensive than staying in and having food and drinks. That’s typically true. But now you don’t have to pay for it all yourself. Your friends can buy their own beer if they want them. They can buy that extra appetizer if needed. Much of the burden is off of you since you’re no longer the host.

With the increased overall cost come some big benefits, though. You pay more, but you also get way better food. Those microwaved mozzarella sticks are going to be garbage compared to an order right out of the fryer. The draft beer, served in a chilled pint glass is going to be amazing compared to a can of beer out of your cooler. If you do get stuck with the bill once in a while, the extra couple bucks is going to be well spent because of the way better quality of the food.

Have Fun
The best part about moving the party for you the host is that there are fewer worries now. You don’t have to worry about waking up the kids because the Packers just scored a big touchdown and everyone’s cheering. You don’t have to worry about your friends messing up the bathroom your wife just cleaned. All of those concerns disappear because you’re out and someone else is playing host. You still get all of the benefits of being with your friends and watching some football, but you have far fewer things to worry about now.