Keeping the Games Fun

The sports bar has things that your mancave doesn’t. The faster you admit this, the better off you will be, and the happier your friends will be when you move your NFL Sundays there. Besides the endless supply of beer, soda, appetizers, and meals, the sports bar has a bunch of other things that you probably don’t have at home. This is perhaps not something that you will think about right away when calling your buddies up to schedule a party for the game, but it’s definitely the icing on the cake and can keep your Sundays as fun as possible.

Maybe you have a dartboard in your mancave. Maybe you have a pool table. Maybe you have both. That’s awesome, but maybe you don’t. You probably don’t have cool video games in addition to these things, either. The combination of these things, plus the company of lots of people together with awesome food and drink is unbeatable. The amenities offered by a sports bar just can’t be matched in your home, no matter how much cool stuff you have. That’s what helps make the sports bar so much fun each weekend.

The food is the star of the show. Even if you’re a great cook, focusing on this on game day is a buzz kill. Instead, you’d much rather worry about what’s important: football. This is why you’re getting together with your friends anyway, right? When you go out, you don’t have to worry about the quality of food. At home, you need to worry about either bad food from the microwave, or having to infringe upon your fun time. This isn’t a choice you should have to make, especially week after week. Why not place that burden on people that actually want to do it? The folks that work at your local sports bar are there for a reason. They get paid to provide this service to you and others, and they probably work there because it’s something that they enjoy doing. So, you can let them worry about the food and the beer while you can enjoy them without being bothered about it. And when you’re all done eating and watching the games, you can go home without worrying about the mess left behind. Washing dishes is definitely not high on anyone’s list of things to do after a fun night of watching football.

Also, consider the expenses. Yes, you are paying a premium on the service and atmosphere, but instead of paying it all yourself, that cost is split up among the people in your group. And you definitely won’t have to pay to have a high tech dartboard placed in your house, or that nice new pool table. And the Ms. Pac Man machine you’ve always wanted? You won’t have to search auctions for a vintage one. The sports bar already has all of these things. You just have to scrounge up a few quarters to play them once in a while. Even if you play every weekend for years, you will still be saving a ton of money. And that alone can make up for the extra bump in the cost of food and drink.

One other thing that might not get thought of as far as amenities go is the bathroom. You might have a couple toilets at your house, but what if a few people need to go all at once? The sports bar has this handled. They usually will have several toilets available, and it would take quite the emergency if you needed one and none were available. When you go out, you never will need to worry about a rush on the men’s room.