Getting Your Fantasy Football Going

Getting your friends all together to watch Sunday’s football games is fun, especially when people root for different teams. Being a Bills fan can be tough at times, but when you have a few friends that are Miami Dolphins fans, and Buffalo crushes them, there’s no better feeling. The same goes with any other rivalry out there. Having this sense of friendly rivalry at home is fun, but when you’re out at the sports bar enjoying yourself, things can get pretty exciting at times. This is one of the many reasons why people love going out on Sundays. Going out also allows you to watch more than one game at a time since most sports bars have more than one television going so that every game is covered during the NFL season.

Even better than this kind of competition is when you raise the stakes and start competing against each other in a fantasy football league. It can be a season long league, or it can be through a daily fantasy sports site, like FanDuel or DraftKings. Both kinds of leagues are fun, they make watching the games more enjoyable, and they make that friendly competition between you and your friends all the more intense.
Playing your fantasy game live

Playing Fantasy Football

If you’ve never played fantasy football before, you are not alone. It’s growing in popularity, though, and you’re probably going to be better at it than the average person just because you’re already a serious sports fan. Fans tend to love fantasy sports, but it takes a certain type of thinking to be great at fantasy lineups. You need to be able to look at statistics, balance numbers, and predict outcomes of future games. For example, knowing that Julio Jones is an awesome wide receiver isn’t enough. Yes, he’s great, but if you draft him and then can’t afford to have a semi-decent quarterback on your team as a result, the cost of having Jones on your team is too much and it actually hurts you more than it helps. You need to be able to look at your projected point outcomes as a whole and not just focus on one or two top ranked players.

Winning Fantasy Football

Playing fantasy football with your friends is good. Winning fantasy football over all of your other friends is even better. Having a strategy when you draft your lineups is going to help you get to this point. You will also want to be familiar with some of the concepts that top ranked fantasy football players use, like value, roster stacking, and the high-low method. All of these strategies and concepts are geared toward helping you improve your skills in fantasy sports and beat the competition. When your friends are the competition, winning is all the sweeter. It’s always great having the bragging rights among your group, especially when it’s about something as serious as to whom the biggest and best sports fan is. Fantasy football is an easy way to get this prestige among your peer group.

The Bottom Line

What does all of this have to do with hanging out at a sports bar on Sundays? Everything! Having your weekly fantasy football roundup together makes the competition between everyone more intense and more enjoyable. When you’re in the setting of a fun place with plenty of action, food, drink, and entertainment, the experience is only heightened. It makes your party less stressful as you don’t need to play host to it anymore, and it provides you and your friends with more entertainment opportunities than you would have ever been able to put together on your own.